- A guidebook to one off the most famed ski touring destinations.

Local guides Jonas Dahlstrup and Thorbjørn Enevold has written a guide to the Lofoten Islands.


The book is well-written and loaded with beautiful pictures from the region. It's 'grap-and-go' design and layout makes it easy to find your way up and down. The book is packed with tips on how to make the most of trip to the Magic Islands.






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Postage included!


- Award-winning guidbook to the Climbing in Lofoten

The perfect guide to the perfect place... Simple as that.


Thorbjørn Enevold is co-author.


The book won the 'Mountain Exposition Prize' at 'Banff Mountain Book Festival'.


Dommerne sa dette om boken


'The word that comes to mind when summing up this book is “perfect.” We can’t imagine how another guidebook formula could make a complex climbing area easier to navigate or more enticing to visit. From the overview maps to the tabbed sections to the quality and quantity of route line photos — all in exquisite color and often highlighted with action shots — this book completely demystifies a set of granite encrusted islands off the Norwegian coast. With this book in hand, all the adventure will come from the climbing, none from figuring out where the climbs are.'


-John Harlin




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Only available in the Climbing Shop in Henningsvær.


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- The best woolen hat around?

Woollen hats worn by skiers and climbers have always been tricky; in the eighties you didn’t wear them at all, in the nineties you never took them off. Then should they be worn back-to-front, with a peak or without and with or without a pompom? Then just when you thought you was cool, it should have both a pompom and peak, but worn a little too the left or to the right. Homemade, or was it factory made – in acryl


Haddock hats have been warming heads all the way to the top of Everest. They have been Arctic husky dog racing, up on Cho Oyo, Jiekkivarre and Chambre Neuf - many times.


And they look good, next year also.



- We got everything you need for your next adventure.

Next door to the Climbers Café we have a specialised rock climbing shop. We carry all the things you need for trad climbing.


The staff offers good advices on climbing trip and ski tours.

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